Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hack into someones Facebook account

Hack into someones Facebook account

Everybody know that it’s not so much easy to hack a Facebook account. But hackers have unleashed a trick to hack Facebook accounts for free. This trick is not funny or fake at all.

Hack Someones Facebook Account For Free
This is the Easy Way to Hack Into Your Friend's Facebook Account.

There are millions of people talking about Facebook Account Hacking Tricks. However, a few ones who are in depth in HTML coding and IT can do that. Therefore, hackers are trying to find the best and easiest way to Everyone knows that hacking Facebook accounts is not so easy because Facebook uses the UFD2 Hash to encrypt their users’ passwords and secure their information. Hackers have achieved success in unleashing a trick to

As you know, Facebook has integrated a new feature which allows users to recover their forgotten passwords. That feature is called Three Trusted Facebook Account Friends. Facebook integrates this feature to recover the lost password but hackers have used it as a trick to hack Facebook accounts.

Many people use Keylogging, Phishing sites, DDOS attacks etc. to hack Facebook accounts, but they are the alternative methods of hacking. The unleashed trick we are talking here is so simple that anyone, even children can do. In order to do this trick, you have to make THREE FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. Make sure that all THREE FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS are added in the friend list of the Facebook account you want to hack. After that, you have finished 90% of the hacking process.

Then just follow the steps given below to hack into someones Facebook account.
Steps to hack a Facebook account easily:

After you have THREE FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS added in the friend list of your target's Facebook account, click on the Forgot Facebook Password button. The Facebook system will show you three solutions to recover your password as shown below:

Enter the email address of your friend in the first section and then fill his/her name and your name in the third section. Then click on the Search button.

After you have done all the steps correctly, you will see the pop-up window. Click on the No Longer Have Access to These button, and then the Reset Password button.

Then enter a New Email Address which has not been used to access the Facebook account before and click on the Submit button.

After that you have to answer the security question. It is wonderful if you have the correct answers. If not, enter wrong answers three times, then Facebook Security will show you the TRUSTED FRIENDS feature to recover the account.

Step 1: Click on the Continue button.

Step 2: Select your three fake account's names (you have already created)from the drop down list, then click the Continue button.

After the first 2 steps, login the three accounts, find the security codes in the Inbox folder or Spam folder, then fill them in proper manner in the Step 3.

When you finish the Step 4, the Password Reset Email wil be sent to the new email address you have provided.

Those are all things you need to do. Now you can access someones Facebook account which has been HACKED.

NOTE: Don’t use it for any personal/wrong intention. This shows the major hole in the Facebook’s Security and the Mindhunter techniques of the Hackers.

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